2018 America’s Most Honored Professionals – Top 1% Award

Dr. Christopher Walker - Patients' Choice 2018 Award

Recognized at the top tier of America’s Most Honored Professionals, Dr. Christopher Walker is proud of showcasing a lifetime of dedication, achievement and hard work as a medical professional

Thousands of medical doctors graduate every year and enter the healthcare system in its many specialties, always seeking to help others by serving patients’ needs through their hard-earned knowledge. In Dr. Christopher Walker‘s case, he sought to deliver the best possible care for women suffering from conditions related to uro-gynecology and sexual dysfunction—and today he enjoys an exceptional reputation among peers that eventually led to the creation of Beja Body.

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Dr. Christopher Walker has been working in the medical field for over two decades, during which he has learned to not only be a great doctor, but to nurture his compassion for helping patients overcome their challenges. Since relocating to the United States after earning his medical degree, Dr. Christopher Walker has learned that you must set the bar high enough to ensure you can reach for the stars—and that’s how he has achieved recognition in the Top One Percent of America’s Most Honored Professionals.

Connecting with a patient is the most humbling form of compassion and care a medical doctor can manifest. Dr. Christopher Walker’s ability to communicate and empathize with his medical practice patients and med spa customers has made him a premier choice for clients from not only Central Florida, but from around the world.

Med Spa’s extend healthcare services beyond primary care by helping everyday people make the decision to finally take control of their lives. Dr. Christopher Walker’s recognition as one of America’s Most Honored Professionals adds even more weight to his role as Medical Director for Beja Body. Every day, he comes in to work with the desire to make a difference for his clients—many of whom have become disheartened due to physical conditions preventing them from living life to the fullest extent.

At Beja Body, Dr. Christopher Walker and his staff at Downtown Orlando’s premier med spa are committed to your satisfaction. His credentials as a top-rated physician add equity to the opportunity to serve Beja Body’s clientele, many of whom seek the compassionate care that can only come from one of America’s Most Honored Professionals. Whether you need help with sexual medicine conditions (for both male and female clients), body contouring or vaginal rejuvenation—Dr. Christopher Walker is ready to help you achieve your personal aesthetics’ goals.

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