2018 Compassionate Doctor 5 Year Honoree (2014-2018) Award

Dr. Christopher Walker - Compassionate Doctor 5 Year Honoree 2018 Award

Good bedside manners are hard to find in a time when healthcare services churn patients on a daily basis, but Dr. Christopher Walker’s approach to this age-old medical value has led to a national multi-year recognition

Patients have the last word when it comes to determining how good a medical professional behaves in their presence. Known as bedside manners, this value establishes how comfortable a patient can be interacting with a medical doctor. In Dr. Christopher Walker’s urogynecology practice and at his Beja Body med spa, bedside manners are of paramount importance since this interaction has a direct relationship with the satisfaction of a client who has placed his or her confidence in their ability to deliver results.

Every staff member at Beja Body believes in making our clients as comfortable as possible. We know everyone preparing to undergo a treatment or cosmetic procedure at our med spa in Orlando has questions, concerns and most importantly—some anxiety about the procedure and its outcome. Dr. Christopher Walker’s recognition as a Compassionate Doctor Honoree for the last five years is testimony of this concerted effort to reassure our clients that they are in good hands at Beja Body med spa.

Compassion is the ultimate manifestation of human kindness towards another human being. At Beja Body, Dr. Christopher Walker empathizes with every individual who seeks help from our med spa—and this is why compassion is a dear value to every staff member at Downtown Orlando’s premier med spa location.

At Beja Body we treat a wide range of conditions that can challenge a person with insecurity and limited social interaction—always with compassion and professionalism. Dr. Christopher Walker understands that you may have come to our med spa in Orlando after a long journey trying to understand how your condition can be managed or resolved. And this is where he excels in his delivery of direct communication and the empathic approach only the recipient of a Compassionate Doctor award can provide.

Located in Downtown Orlando, Beja Body is a full-service med spa that can treat a variety of conditions. We also specialize in a full line of facial treatments designed to help clients address concerns related to the aging process and skin health. If you seek a med spa with compassion, empathy and pride in its products and services, then Beja Body med spa is where you want to go to finally address your aesthetic and cosmetic needs.

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