2019 Patients’ Choice

Dr. Christopher Walker - Patients' Choice 2018 Award

With the 2019 Patients’ Choice award, Dr. Christopher Walker is thankful for the trust placed by his patients on his ability to deliver the results they seek and the quality of healthcare they deserve

Dr. Christopher Walker has been working in the medical field for many years, through which he has had a chance to make a positive impact in the lives of many individuals. Earning someone’s respect as a medical service provider is never easy, but through his dedicated passion Dr. Christopher Walker has always sought to be a trusted advisor to those whose concerns are often keeping them up at night or from facing the world.

The Patients’ Choice is a national-level recognition reflecting Dr. Christopher Walker’s engaging demeanor and who have received exceptional scores from patients in a year. Earning the 2019 Patients’ Choice award is noteworthy accolade for Dr. Christopher Walker, whose friendly personality and compassionate approach to healthcare make him a popular choice in his uro-gynechology medical specialty.

Patients have a choice to visit any doctor, healthcare provider or med spa they deem capable of delivering the solutions they seek. This is why Dr. Christopher Walker takes very seriously this award, which keeps him reassured of the valuable work he does.

Every day, Dr. Christopher Walker delivers life-changing treatments that include cosmetic surgery, women’s sexual enhancements, weight loss treatments, and even male sexual enhancements—such as the rejuvenating power of the P-Shot® or Priapus Shot. With countless testimonials from satisfied med spa customers, Dr. Christopher Walker understands why people keep coming back to Beja Body med spa in Downtown Orlando.

Beja Body was created by Dr. Christopher Walker as a haven for aesthetic rejuvenation and metamorphosis, built on a successful career as a urogynecologist and as a professional counselor to people who have discovered how med spa treatments can become the optimal way to take control over life’s little bothers. And this is why we are proud to showcase Dr. Christopher Walker’s achievement as a Patients’ Choice award recipient in 2019.

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