2019 Castle Connolly Regional Top Doctor

Dr. Christopher Walker - Castle Connolly Regional Top Doctor 2019

Recognized as one of the Central Florida Region’s Top Doctors, Dr. Christopher Walker is committed to providing medical spa services with the highest degree of professionalism

Urogynecology is a specialized field of medical practice that requires many years of experience to master. Dr. Christopher Walker has been serving the Central Florida medical community for more than to decades, specializing in not just urogynecology, but a variety of sexual treatments and cosmetic surgery.

Since not everyone understands the uniqueness of his specialty, Dr. Christopher Walker dedicates much of his time to educating women who can benefit from cosmetic enhancements and other rejuvenation services. The reality is that many of his patients are unaware that what they consider to be a simple nuisance can actually keep them from living their life to the fullest—unless they can get help from Beja Body’s Med Spa services.

Every day, Dr. Christopher Walker looks at the opportunity of changing someone’s life for the best—not just physically, but by helping clients become the best version of their own self. This is not just a business. Beja Body is a labor of love for Dr. Walker.

With an award as Regional Top Doctor for 2019, Dr. Christopher Walker is humbled by the recognition that places a spotlight in Beja Body, Orlando’s Premier Med Spa. He has been the recipient of this award several years in a row and this is a great honor for an experienced medical professional who has dedicated so much time and effort to becoming a world-class physician.

At Beja Body, Dr. Christopher Walker has created a culture of patient-centric focus, where every client who walks in through into the lobby becomes a part of his family. Everyone in Beja Body’s staff understands their role in providing a life-changing improvement for clients. Most importantly, every one of our client testimonials is a heartfelt reminder of the trust each has placed on Downtown Orlando’s Premier Med Spa.

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