2019 On-Time Physician Award

Dr. Christopher Walker - On-Time Physician 2019 Award

Being on-time is more than just a goal for Dr. Christopher Walker—it is the result of years of discipline and leadership as a medical professional with strong patient-centric values

Time is a commodity that many people take for granted, but Dr. Christopher Walker understands that it is also a major factor in client satisfaction. Thanks to the dedication of his staff at Beja Body, every client is treated with respect from the moment they enter our lobby—because it sets the mood for an experience that is both peaceful and invigorating, before any treatment starts. And this means it’s important to start such an experience on-time.

Dr. Christopher Walker leads a disciplined med spa at Beja Body. His staff understands the importance of creating an environment where every process flows smoothly to ensure clients can quickly start their treatment and be on their way soon after its completion. The On-Time Physician Award is an opportunity to showcase the industry accolade of timeliness, which Dr. Christopher Walker sees as a core value of a world-class medical spa.

According to Dr. Christopher Walker, med spa treatments should never be a burden in someone’s life, but rather an experience that every individual welcomes—allowing them to accept the opportunity of an enhancement that will build confidence and strengthen the mind so he or she can face the world ahead.

Beja Body’s treatments offer the chance to make a change that is heartfelt and empowers the individual to look and feel his or her best, regardless of the age. Dr. Christopher Walker has been a supporter of regenerative medical procedures, which can infuse the body with its own life essence and promote self-healing.

With so many regenerative medical treatments in our arsenal, supported by our staff’s credentials and certifications, coming to Beja Body can give you a chance to create a new version of yourself that others will notice. And of course, we would love for you to tell us about your amazing experience under the care of Dr. Christopher Walker, for others to read.

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