2019 America’s Most Honored Professionals – Top 5%

Dr. Christopher Walker - America's Most Honored Professionals 2019 - Top 5 Percent

Hard work has helped Dr. Christopher Walker achieve the merits that led to this award, which recognizes professionals’ focus and exemplary service across our nation

When Dr. Christopher Walker attended Medical School, he was guided by the vision of wanting to make a difference in people’s lives as a Medical Doctor. But all the sleepless nights studying, the rigorous academic workload and the long path to graduation were nothing compared to the challenges of the real world as a career physician. However, with his faith and perseverance, Dr. Christopher Walker saw the opportunity to make his vision a reality at Beja Body Med Spa.

As one of America’s Most Honored Professionals in 2019, Dr. Christopher Walker serves the needs of many women and men who care about their wellbeing from an aesthetic point of view. With more than two decades of experience, Dr. Christopher Walker has developed his career into an amazing practice that also receives the accolades of his clients. That said, to qualify for this award, a professional must be validated to have ongoing honors, peer accolades and client testimonials.

Also known as Dr. Downtown by the many clients he serves at Beja Body, Dr. Christopher Walker delivers comfort and self-confidence with his surgical skills and compassionate care—and he always does it with your best interest in mind.

Using medicine as a foundation and a variety of med spa treatments as the solution to many conditions, Dr. Christopher Walker has made Beja Body the premier med spa in Downtown Orlando. Every client, no matter how concerned he or she may be, leaves the med spa knowing there is a viable solution that can set them at ease—and Dr. Christopher Walker is ready to welcome them at Beja Body.

Following the honor of being named among the Top 5% of America’s Most Honored Professionals in 2019, Dr. Christopher Walker continues to excel in his field and works diligently with his med spa staff to help people achieve a better version of themselves. Beja Body is a labor of love, where experience and knowledge guide Dr. Christopher Walker to continue in his mission of providing compassionate and personalized care.

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